My Mentor Is A Horse

It sounds weird I know, but for an animal communicator it makes perfect sense.  When I first started working with animal telepathy ten years ago I struggled with doubts and insecurities just as my students do today.  What if I was just making it all up? What if I was not really getting what the animal wanted to say? I prayed for guidance and validation and my teacher appeared in the form of a horse, a very special spiritual master teacher.

Her name was Chubby and she lived at Spring Farm CARES in upper New York state.  Needless to say, her name did not do justice to her inner and outer beauty. She was a chestnut quarter horse who was rescued by noted animal communicator Dawn Hayman and the Spring Farm staff in a state of severe breakdown and neglect.  She had foundered so badly that her hooves were permanently damaged. The veterinarian who called Dawn was seriously considering euthanasia but waited because, “There was something about this horse that was special.” When Dawn arrived Chubby told her that she needed to go to Spring Farm and teach humans about their spiritual connection with all animals.

Dawn Hayman was my first animal communication instructor and I have attended many of her seminars and workshops.  Spring Farm is truly a magical place where many rescue animals come to live out their lives and serve as teachers.  So it was with Chubby. I met her during an advanced workshop when I was just beginning to do professional consultations.  I knew that this was to be my spiritual career, but I was terrified because I also knew that my clients would be making decisions based on what I told them I was receiving from their animal companions.  The responsibility of it almost stopped my career before it even got started.

That was when Chubby got involved.  This particular workshop had an exercise where the students were to have an in-depth conversation with an animal at Spring Farm.  There was no lack of candidates. At any time there might be over 100 dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, and birds, as well as 20-35 horses in residence.  As I went out to do the exercise, Chubby drew me to her like a magnet. This was not difficult because I have always had a love affair with horses, admiring their beauty, grace, strength and intelligence.  But it was more than that. As the vet said, there was something special about her.

I soon found out that she wanted to get right down to business.  I simply asked her what she had to tell me about animal communication and the following message came pouring into my mind so fast that I was literally scrambling to record it.  It wasn’t until I had stopped writing that I was able to go back and read what she had said.


Chubby’s Message


“This is my message to you.  You are also a pioneer spirit yet you hold back instead of following through to your path.  You have the ability to make a difference and you will if you are true to yourself and your destiny.  Your issues with trust have always stopped you short of your goal and it is time to let go and trust that the universe will guide you.

You have wisdom and love to share – let it shine and flow like a stream that grows to a river, touching many lives.  When you doubt yourself, you doubt the gift that has been given to you. When you allow it to grow and flourish, you honor the creator and all of life.

The light that shines is like a beacon calling all souls to the Great Light.  Those who are ready will accompany you on your path. In this way you will never be alone again.  Remember that this companionship is yours for the asking. But you must ask and you must allow it to be.

When you were a child, you were not so closed off.  It was easier for us to reach you and to comfort you.  You can reach that state again if you will let us help.  We are here for you and for all who ask. Our missions as teachers are focused on this always.  We have so much to give and so do you. The way is not always easy, but the rewards are so worth the effort.

You know this in your heart.  Let your mind go and just feel the truth of my words.

This is my message to you.”

I was stunned with the insight and relevance of this message at this critical point in my career.  I felt supported, elated and humble all at the same time. Chubby gave me the validation I needed so badly and I was able to make the commitment to be of service as a professional animal communicator.  However, even though I had a new sense of confidence, I still felt insecure and inexperienced. So I asked Chubby if I could call on her to help me with difficult questions and consultations and she graciously consented to be my mentor.  Many times over the next few years I asked for her guidance and support and every time I felt a renewed sense of love, nurturing and connection. She was always there when I needed her.

About four years after I met Chubby, she prompted me to come to Spring Farm for another advanced workshop.  Finances were tight and I told her she would have to manifest the funds for me to come. One week before the workshop, I received an unexpected windfall, just enough to take the train to New York.  The second day of the workshop Chubby died. She had waited for me to be there to say farewell. That doesn’t mean she’s gone though. Now she is with me as one of my Power Animals in my Shamanic healing work, still serving as my mentor.