Animal Communication Mainstream and Here to Stay

When I decided to be a professional animal communicator about twenty years ago, I joined one other person doing this work in Minnesota.  At least that was all I was aware of at the time. As my business and name recognition grew, I began to get requests to teach others how to do this.  So I attended Penelope Smith’s teacher training class in California and began offering the basic animal communication class that I still teach today. There is one huge difference though – I now teach the same class as part of the Normandale Community College Integrative Health Program.  I certainly did not expect this rapid shift from Woo-Woo stuff to mainstream practice and I suspect most other people didn’t either.

Since I am also a former librarian, I know that you can always tell how popular a subject is by how many books are written about it. When I first started teaching in 1995, I bought every book I could find on interspecies, telepathic and animal communication.  I took them all to my classes – they fit into a large cardboard box. By the year 2000 I was carting around 3-4 boxes of books and by 2005 I had stopped buying everything available and became much more selective about what I added to my collection. I was also teaching 4-5 basic classes a year and had added an advanced class for those students who wanted to set up their own practice.

However, the real signal that animal communication was here to stay was the advent of the popular Pet Psychic television program.  Suddenly, everyone knew what animal communication is and how it works.  The Pet Psychic was an hour-long television program that was broadcast on the Animal Planet network in the United States.  The program premiered on June 3, 2002 and featured Sonya Fitzpatrick as a psychic who claimed she could communicate with various animals including audience members’ departed pets.  Subject animals included the normal cats and dogs as well as horses, various birds and farm animals. The last regular airing of the program was on January 1, 2003, but the impact of the show lingers on.

The greatest change is that people now freely admit talking to their animals, listening to them intuitively, and consulting with professional animal communicators.  I still am asked how it works, but seldom meet the skepticism that was so prevalent before. And, of course, we believe that the real winners here are the animals that share our lives.  It is true that this awareness of animals as fellow spiritual beings has helped improve the lives of many through increased understanding. But if you stop and think about it for a moment, you will realize how much this movement has helped to raise the consciousness of the entire human race as well.  And none too soon!